is all about Data Intelligence. Our team is a blend of data, digital and consulting profiles.

We understand the challenges companies face everyday, from large corporations to start-ups.

Data is everywhere. So, our team integrates a very broad skillset (Consulting, Statistics, Mathematics, Legal, Computer Science).

About our name?

Pythora’s name is the contraction of two ancient Greek words, Pythia and Agora.

  • The Pythia was the name of the Oracle of Delphi, she was able to foresee the future and to make prophecies.
  • The Agora was the central public space in ancient Greek cities. This was not only the economic and political center of the city, but also the place where information and new ideas were shared and debated.

As you can see, helping our customers build their future and their data strategy, that is the promise of our name!


E-Widensia is a major technology player, thanks to its strong expertise on BI, Service Architecture, API Management, Cloud Computing.
E-widensia offers consulting and integration services.

LatentView Analytics is one of the largest data analytics firms globally. LatentView provides solutions with actionable insights for Business, Marketing, Supply Chain and Risk Mitigation.

Ylios has more than 25 years of experience as management consultants to leading international companies and major institutions in France and the rest of Europe.

JetPack Data provides an intuitive data analytics and visualization platform. Using advanced Machine learning techniques, JetPack Data allows significant gains in autonomy, speed and efficiency.